Amazon Selling

Last night I updated my spreadsheet where I have been keeping track of my earnings on Amazon getting rid of things I no longer use (mostly video games), and I noticed that I just broke the $200 mark for earnings. Out of this, probably about half has gone into savings. The other half has for the most part effectively gone into savings from the perspective that it helped bridge some tight financial times allowing us to keep savings money out of our real earnings.

There are a couple items that I have been a little sad to part with. The worst parting of all was Intelligent Qube, but I sold it for $85, and, as much as I like it, I do not play it more than once a year normally (also I only paid like $20 for it new, so I was seeing real profit on my investment). That said, I find solace in the fact that if I am patient I can regain most, if not all, of the items I have sold for the same price or less in the future if I ever wish to do so.

Speaking of collectible games, there are a few that I hope I can force myself to part with. The biggest example is Suikoden II. I found it randomly at a GameStop for $60 and considered that an excellent deal (still do). I have played through the game, and as much as I like the series (and the game itself), it is not very likely I will play through it again. Now, I know I can sell it for more than this if I wish to, but it is hard to part with it because I do like it so much. That said, I think I will at least list it on Amazon. The game goes for about $120 on Amazon currently and $90 on eBay. Even with Amazon commissions, I could sell my copy on Amazon and buy another copy on eBay still managing to turn a profit.

That all said, I wish I would have gotten the game when I first heard about it and it was in bargain bins rather than a rarity! 🙂