Eid ul-Fitr…. Cookies?

A slightly interesting thing happened to me today. My coworker Mecca brought in some cookies to share. I got a few and came back to my cube and ate them.

Anyway, I checked my e-mail and saw she sent an e-mail about the cookies which said “Since This week end was one of the biggest Moroccan holidays I have made some Moroccan cookies and brought some for you guys…”. This got me thinking, “what holiday could she mean?”. To wikipedia! Obviously, there was an article aptly titled Public holidays in Morocco! I quickly notice that none of the Holidays that use the Gregorian calendar are in October which means that I’m going to have to wade through lunar holidays with Arabic names. By this point, I suspected correctly that it was going to be the end of Ramadan celebration.

Anyway, it was just slightly interesting because I never had considered the non-religious aspects of celebrating religious holidays for other religions. Also, for what it’s worth, Morrocan cookies are tasty.