Who Says It Doesn’t Pay to Blog?

If you followed the comments on my post Vegetarian Tacos and Freegan Girl you may have seen the following comment:

Hi there,

My name is Rachel and I represent Morningstar Farms. To thank you for your enthusiasm about this product, I would like to send you five complimentary coupons for a free package of any Morningstar Farms product and a Chik’n Quesadilla recipe card.

If you’re interested in receiving these materials, please reply to this message with your mailing address and I’ll put a package together for you right away!

Thanks again for your support!

All the best,
for Morningstar Farms

Anyway, I replied to the comment and sent an e-mail to her with my address, and she said that she would be sending out the stuff soon. Well, I got it today! As she promised, we received five coupons for free MorningStar Farms products valued up to $3.99 a piece plus the Chik’n Quesadilla Recipe card (which I didn’t read, but Lori says looks tasty). Anyway, since MSF products actually do cost nearly $4 per piece, I literally made $20 off this blog! Just wait until I roll out the banner ads 😉

Anyway, if you are interested, you can see the enclosed letter here.

I would like to publicly thank MorningStar Farms and Hunter Public Relations (the people for which Rachel Chadderdon actually works) for the coupons. As a show of my thanks, I intend to write a post about how we use each of the coupons. I think we’ll definitely be trying out the Quesadillas.

Also, I can’t make you any promises, but if anyone reading this has blogged about MSF products, it might be worthwhile to try to contact Rachel and see if you can get in on this coupon action. Leave a comment with your e-mail if you are in this group of people and I’ll send you her contact information (unless she tells me not to do so).

As an aside, can’t you tell I’ve become very fond of the blockquote tag