Rooms To Go

Don’t buy furniture from Rooms To Go if you can help it, at least if you live in South Carolina. We bought our furniture there last Summer and it seemed pretty cool until it was delivery time.

1st delivery – I think this one was actually on time (not a trend), but one of our dining room chairs was broken and scheduled for redelivery. Our love seat also did not come, but that was already scheduled seperately because of a problem.
2nd delivery – We waited all day and they never showed up. We received a call at about 10PM talking about scheduling redelivery, but were were exhausted and already in bed.
3rd delivery – Furniture came about 6 hours after the “4 hour delivery time frame”, coming at an impressive 10PM. Oh yeah, and our broken chair, not there.
4th delivery – I don’t remember this very well. I think it was pretty standard, we finally got our last chair.

Ok, now, flash forward from August 2006 to March 2007. Oh snap, we notice one of our chairs is splitting. I delayed a little while because of busyness with school and all. Anyway, so we called and set up a repair appointment finally.

1st repair appointment – The repair department is pretty cool, he showed up like 1 minute after the start of the 4 hour time frame.

Sadly, he found that the split chair is unrepairable. To the warranty! They call me up, and we sadly find out that they don’t produce our dining room set anymore and we will have to reselect an entirely new set. I tried to see about getting a new chair directly from the manufacturer, but they wouldn’t even give me the information.

Anyway, so we go and reselect and after a lot of hassle with an especially helpful woman, we were set for a new set of deliveries!

5th delivery – Truck never showed up.
6th delivery – Truck showed up 5 hours after the end of our 4 hour time frame. Our dining room table top was broken. Also, while they were on the cell phone I heard them talking about broken furniture being taken to one or two other stops showing that this broken furniture thing is not just a problem with me.
7th delivery – Hasn’t happened yet, but they made me wait a full extra week in the queue before they will be back out here. You would think that I’d get priority. I did get $50 bucks knocked off the delivery charge though.

On the plus side, our new china cabinet that we got is beautiful. We didn’t have a china cabinet before, but when we had to reselect we wanted a much cheaper table so we had to do something with all the store credit 🙂

We have had a few other problems with pieces of furniture scratching up easily. My main reason for recommending against them though is that I hate their delivery people. Maybe your mileage will vary in other regions though…