Diet 7-Up Challenge

Yes! I just got my kit in the mail to conduct the Diet 7-Up Challenge. It included a can of Sprite Zero, a can of Sierra Mist Free, and of course Diet 7-Up. Too bad I can’t think of anyone that will actually want to take the challenge with me… 🙁 🙁 🙁

Update 6/25/07 – Last week I took the challenge ‘non-blindly’. I figured it would be a waste to do it all at one time by myself so I tried each one over the period of three days. I feel that the results from this form of testing are:

1. Sprite Zero
2. Sierra Mist Free
3. Diet 7-Up

I would do more investigation, but none were so good that I want to follow up on it 🙂 For what it is worth though, Sprite Zero is really close to Sprite. I think the biggest difference is that Sprite Zero actually tastes *sweeter*.