Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash and Ruby Splash

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have been meaning to write about the two above mentioned sodas for a while. I first had Cranberry Splash near Christmas (I think, Christmas Eve, maybe slightly before) when out to get some milk for Lori. It has a really good flavor in my opinion. It has just enough of a bitter bite of cranberry along with the soda flavor that we all love. Lori even liked it! The only thing that was annoying is that it was supposed to be $1 for a 20 ounce and they changed me $1.49 for it which I didn’t notice until after I got out. It was worth trying though. We picked up a 2-liter at Target soon after that. I also picked up a 2-liter of another variation, Ruby Splash. It is supposed to have a hint of grapefruit in the same way that Cranberry Splash has Cranberry. Ruby Splash on the other hand was pretty terrible to be honest. It did have a hint of grapefruit flavor, but it was a kind of phony flavor and it was oddly sweet for grapefruit, not sourness/bitterness that you might expect. I was not a big fan and pretty much had to force myself through the rest of that 2-liter. We picked up a couple more Cranberry Splashes since I am pretty sure the promotion (limited edition of course) is going to wind down pretty soon. I will definitely check it out next year, but Ruby Splash is in the past for me.

In other news, Pepsi Throwback is back!!! I am stoked. I went ahead and bought 3 12-packs when I found it on sale. The first is mostly gone though as I was a good boy and shared with friends who came over. It is supposed to be available until some time in February. I will have to stock up some more before it is gone until who knows when.