Thusfar the weekend has been good for the most part. There was some stress with setting up our baby registry, but I think we got some good stuff on the list. Now I just need to get some people buying! If you are in the mood, we are on both Babies R Us and Target 🙂

We talked a little bit more earlier today about names, but we are still waffling. I expect that to be the case for a while and will be surprised if we settle on anything 100% definite before the baby is due, but maybe I am wrong!

Today, I cleaned up a little bit, worked a decent amount on my CafeID stuff while watching some TV, went grocery shopping, grilled some chicken for this fabulous salad Lori made us, ate dinner and then worked a couple more hours on the CafeID stuff. Now I am getting ready for bed as the time change will wreck us in the morning.

Also, Matt G. might be sad to miss out on his quirk, but I updated WordPress today and I think I killed the error that causes my Google Reader posts to be spam instead of the real content. We’ll see…

Oh yeah and I tested all our smoke alarms like you are supposed to do when the time changes and now one is chirping at me. How did I manage this right before bed time?