The Food I Eat

It is sometimes funny for me to think about how vastly my diet has changed over the years. When I was in high school and before, my mom often bought TV dinner style things each night. They were good but definitely convenience food and not home cooking. On Sundays, I would often have fried chicken or some other huge southern style dinner down the hill followed by another pretty big southern influenced meal at my dad’s consisting of steak, ribs, chicken, or the like.

As I went to college, I shifted to having a lot of campus food. I did often eat the cafeteria style hot line at the GMP rather than fast food fare. I supplemented with a few things like occasionally making ramen or a Zatarans in my room. My sophomore year, I went off my meal plan and cooked with my friends. The food was good, lots of delicious things had over the next few years, but it was different than things my mom or dad would have cooked often.

After I graduated and married Lori, it was mostly vegetarian cooking for the next few years. I was fine with it and it was cheap not having to buy meat, but again, it was very different than a highly meaty diet that I’d eaten the few years beforehand. Then as time has passed, we have brought meat into our diet after Lori gave up vegetarianism.

That brings some new things that we eat fairly often that I rarely ever had before though. The example that made me think of this is hot dogs. My mom doesn’t like hot dogs and I can only remember eating them a handful of times my entire childhood and only about once that I definitely remember her making them for me (a birthday party when my parents were still together, possibly my 5th b-day). Another is pasta. My mom made pasta for me occasionally (she made this excellent spaghetti casserole one time that I have been craving, it is similar to spaghetti pie that we got a recipe for from Holly though), but not nearly as much as Lori and I have it. Also, if I had it, it was often in a TV dinner style thing or just your standard meat sauce spaghetti, nothing remotely exotic. Another example I was thinking of is grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese, but I don’t think I had had it more than a few times in my life before college. We just did not make it nor did we have tomato soup (a common grilled cheese accompaniment in our house).

I wonder what the future brings for my diet. Will I continue eating as I do now or will things switch up drastically?

I thought of this because someone said their grilled cheese was so good that it was “better than mom’s” and I thought “well that is easy since I don’t think my mom has ever made me grilled cheese”