I graduated from Men’s Fraternity this morning. It was pretty cool. We got “knighted” as “kings” with a Crusader style sword from Spain and then we got to have an awesome breakfast of “breakfast casserole”, grits, raisin bran muffins, and rolls. I had way too much.

Afterwards, I headed to work and made it through a pretty normal day. I think the plan for tonight is to stop by the library, possibly go through some VHS tapes, and also do some contracting work.

I have been going through our old VHS tapes and labeling them, sorting them (blank, keep, and discard), and digitizing some of the important stuff. I have some nice old home videos that I duped last night. I’ll probably post them online after I edit them a bit for length (it is about 1 hour and 45 minutes of footage). Excitingly, I have been able to reference my old post on video editing tools. I definitely would not have remembered the names of many of these pieces of software after 2.5 years of non-use.