This Weekend

It has been a pretty good weekend thus far. Yesterday, we painted the baby’s room. The color is called moss green, but it looks a bit more like a forest green on the wall. It was a lot of hard work and we came within razor thin margins of running out of paint (especially today when we were doing touch-ups), but we got it mostly done.

We also bought blinds for the two bedrooms upstairs. I am a bit worried about one because they don’t make non-custom blinds in the right size for the window. We ended up with one that was about 3″ shorter than it really ought to be. Hopefully it will not look tacky. If so, we might have to return it and get custom for that.

I spent the entire morning cleaning, especially upstairs. My granddad and cousin Megan came to visit today for the first time and see our house. It was really cool having them up to see us. We did not do too much. We showed them the house, talked for a while, and then ordered a pizza from Dominos. Megan took advantage of some time with a computer (she is staying at my granddad’s without internet at the moment) and got me to give her a copy of Thirteen which is apparently one of her favorite movies (it is really good).

After that, I met Lori’s mom at Chili’s to get the electric screwdriver to put in the blinds, and we did the aforementioned touch-ups on the paint. Then I ran out to get the correct sized Blind for one window (the one that is going to use the smaller size than it is) and hit up CVS for some deals and freebies before coming on home.

Unfortunately, it is 10:38 now and I have not gotten to the blinds. I think I’m going to get some sleep for church and tackle that project tomorrow instead.