SNES Successfully Modded

Modding my Super Nintendo to play Japanese games was probably the easiest mod in the history of mankind. The guide here explains it with pictures, but the concept is simple. The only thing that blocks playing Japanese games on an SNES is two small pieces of plastic that physically block the foreign cartridge from fitting (by which I mean, the Japanese and American consoles are region coded the same). It took about 5 minutes to take my leatherman pliers and gently rock the tabs until they broke off giving enough room to fit the cartridge (though I bet if you really got excited about opening the system up or were just generally very careful you could use an X-acto kinfe to not leave any jagged edges). Anyway, it booted straight up and everything worked fine.

Apparently, PAL (European) games will still not correctly play because there is an internal blocking chip to region code against that. Apparently, it is not hard to circumvent, but there is the PAL speedup problem (NTSC TVs run at 60hz instead of 50hz so there is a 20% speedup on games) and I can’t think of any PAL games that I want and were either not released in the US anyway or are cheaper than the US version.

Well anyway, now Lori can play Japanese Chrono Trigger to her heart’s delight 🙂

Now if I could just find my copy of AMERICAN Chrono Trigger (PSX)…