Each year, you can get a free credit report from because of rules and regulations regarding credit. Still, this does not include the all important credit score that many loaners use to decide your self-worth. Recently, I wanted to see my score and realized that offered a comprehensive free Experian credit report including my score. Of course, the catch is that you are automatically enrolled in a “Triple Advantage” program which offers to “ease” correcting problems on your report through an exorbinant monthly charge (I forget the exact amount, but it was probably about $20 a month) after the free 30-day trial. Of course, this could be very useful if you were in the middle of a identity theft fiasco, but not for someone like me who has a correct record everytime he has checked.

Anyway, the reason that I wanted to recommend is that cancelling my membership in the trial period was not all together horrible. I had to call instead of doing it online of course, which made me suspect I was going to get a hard-sell to keep it on the phone. The number is 1-877-481-6826, option 1 (it is even the number they give out to you when you first join and not some secret hidden number) on the menu to save you some time. Anyway, I was only on hold for about a minute before someone picked up. She confirmed my identity, asked why I was calling (I bet she knew), asked why I was cancelling, asked if the information I had seen on the site was accurate, gave a short standard spiel about why I shouldn’t cancel, and (the best part) accepted immediately when I said I was still not interested in keeping my membership.

Anyway, cancelling isn’t the nightmare I expected and that is a Good Thing in my book.

Oh, and I found out I have exceedingly average credit, the high end of exceedingly average though! 🙂

Edit: They actually only charge a slightly more reasonable $12.95 a month, but still, if you don’t need it…