Odds and Ends

I just realized that I forgot to mention a few soda related odds and ends about my Chicago trip.

First off, in preparation for the trip, you may remember that I headed down to N. Augusta to get Grandaddy’s video camera. Anyway, I had Mountain Dew Game Fuel there. It is a limited edition brand that was supposed to start being available on August 13th. I got it on August 14th, so I must be on top of my game (apparently some people found it as early as the 10th though). I actually thought I was picking up a Code Red at first, but then to my surprise realized it was new. It was pretty good. I wanted to try some Code Red again before I reviewed them, and the difference is pretty big. While Game Fuel has a hint of cherry flavor, it is a much more citrusy drink. Anyway, I think it is worth a try if you like any of the Mountain Dew family or citrusy sodas. I would drink it again if given the opportunity and might impulse buy a cold one on a hot day, but I probably won’t go out of my way to get it.

Secondly, I already mentioned Squirt in my other post, but for completeness I will briefly mention it here again. Squirt is a lemon tasting soda which reminds me a lot of Sun Drop. I am sure a North Carolinan (THEY ALL LOVE IT) could tell the difference, but to a casual Sun Drop drinker the difference was pretty mild. I am sure it would be more noticeable side-by-side though.

Edit: Both drinks are owned by Cadbury-Schweppes currently, but they are not the same. In spite of the fact I found the tastes similar (it has been a while since I had Sun Drop though), there is one important difference. Squirt is caffeine-free while Sun Drop has more caffeine than even Mountain Dew.

Thirdly, this isn’t a new soda for me, but on a whim I checked a convenience store in Wheaton and found Mountain Dew LiveWire!!! I had been checking for it since Pepsi said it was showing up in my area (but it was only showing up at Wal-Mart so the representative correctly guessed that it was an error), but been unable to find it. I brought 6 bottles back with me. They have a pretty short date (Sept. 1 to Sept. 10) so I am going to have to get through them faster than I would like, but I guess that is ok. I am enjoying my second one right now actually. I plan to send one to Howie if I can get in touch with him and get his address since he loves LiveWire so much. I also plan to use the last two as subjects for my LiveWire re-engineering project that I had always said I wanted to try. Currently, I am guessing 80% orange soda, 20% Mountain Dew will do the trick though I bet it will be this nasty color. What do you get when you combine greenish-yellow and orange anyway?

Last but definitely not least, Pepe’s (the Mexican place we went to) actually had RC from the fountain. Very tasty. I even took a picture of the glass in disbelief that a restaurant would carry RC.