Adding Items to the Right-Click Menu in Internet Explorer

If you remember my old web page, I had an infrequently updated section with technology tutorials describing solutions I had found to various things. Anyway, I am going to repost them into the blog for posterity. The first one is going to be how to add items to the right-click menu in IE. I am pretty sure this was done with IE6, but it may still be applicable with IE7.

This tutorial assumes you know a bit about registry editing, and if you do not know anything about registry editting I would not suggest messing around in it too much. It is really easy to mess things up. If you do not understand something in this tutorial feel free to e-mail me with questions.

First, create an html file in this format pointing to the website you wish formatted as follows:

In this code replace LINK_NAME_HERE with the URL of the site.

2. Open regedit and pull up HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > MenuExt

3.Right click MenuExt and go to New then go to Key and edit the name to whatever you wish to be shown in the menu.

4. Now, right click the default key and go to modify and change this key to point to the location of the html file you created.

5. Now this file should link to the website of your chosing.

It seems that directly linking to the site from the registry does not work and a handmade html file must be used to redirect to the new site.