Apple iPod Shuffle RMA

I can’t remember if I mentioned it on here, but I am sure I told a lot of you through other means, my iPod shuffle broke recently. It disconnected from my computer during a firmware update and while the computer would recognize it just dandy, it would not actually play music anymore. Instead, it just flashed lights indicating that the device was empty.

Low and behold, first call to technical support. I had to do a lot of obvious, and some non-obvious things with a kind of hard to understand, but nonetheless nice, Indian technician. At the end, he agreed to send me a new iPod but said it might take a few extra days for the personalization to go through.

Ok, so then I went to Chicago, iPodless :(. Upon returning, I did not notice in the pile of mail at first a letter from Apple. About a week later when we were having a party, I saw it on the dining room table. For some reason, I had to call them to confirm what the inscription said. Alright, so I call them and give them the information, again speaking with an Indian guy. Luckily, this was a short call because he was a bit hard to understand. Anyway, his lack of English skills caused a big problem. I miscommunicated the inscription to him as “Happy Anniversary! June, 24 2007″ rather than “Happy Anniversary! June 24, 2007″.

On Thursday, my iPod arrives! I am happy until I notice Lori notices this inscription error. Alright, so back on the phone. This was one of the longer technical support calls of my life. I ended up speaking with two people, being aware that at least 3 others were being consulted, and at one point being on hold for over 30 minutes without a check-in. I honestly suspected that they were going to say the error was mine and that they would not replace it, but they agreed to. As a result, I took the new one to a local DHL shipping office this morning and a correct one should be on the way.

That said, apparently this is a very rare occurrence. The first guy that I talked to (an American by the way) Zack I think, said that he had never processed a personalization error and that is why he had to consult a ’support guru’ and a supervisor for processing it. The second lady I spoke to in dispatch (also an American believe it or not!) Grace also had to get supervisor help for some reason. Anyway, at the end, she admitted that this was a mistake that should have been caught by someone along the way and she was sorry it took so long to process (it was about an hour and a half from the beginning to the end of the call).

Anyway, it is set now so hopefully within a week I will again be jamming to some iPod music!