Financial Freedom Update #1

So, I have been reading a good bit about attaining financial freedom from blogs to books. I figured it would be nice to keep track of my financial situation on here from time to time. So, I think I will do a brief net worth post now. I am certain it is going to be negative, but that is ok, as long as I work towards it being positive as quickly as possible. I am not going to include any of Lori’s personal obligations out of respect for her privacy. To balance that, I won’t include posessions that she had before we were married.

Savings: $1157.75
SCANA 401k: $925
SCANA HSA: $37.50
Personal Possessions: $8,000

Credit Cards: $8986.13 (of which $4242.66 is currently in accounts with 0% interest for at least another year)
Brandon’s Student Loans: $18500

Net Worth: -$17365.88

Believe it or not, that was better than I expected.

My first goal will be to be down to -$10000 in 6 months. This may be a little aggressive as quick calculations show that -$12000 is more realistic, but shoot for the stars right?