Search Terms

Here are the search terms people have used to find this blog in the last 3 weeks or so that I have been using google analytics along with my comments.

1. “bi-lo cola” – Believe it or not, I’m the third result on google for this. Too bad that ad term doesn’t pay for exposure! 🙂
2. “bring it on” movie – I have no idea how this term found me, I am not in the first 20 pages. I do have a “wonderful” review of the third one though.
3. bash scripts – Not in the first 5 pages, not sure how they found me, I do have a post on this though.
4. facebook – Not in the first 5 pages, but I have talked about it.
5. reallifecomics sucks – I am the second result for this term, and that makes me sad because RLC *doesn’t* suck.
6. snūznlūz firmware – Fourth result on this term because of two technology posts on the same page.
7. virtualdub “play wii” – Tenth result. I am curious what this person was trying to find. VirtualDub and Wii are pretty unrelated 🙂