Pepsi Summer Mix = not so hot

So as many of you know, I love Pepsi. In my years I have had many of the Pepsi derivatives. Some I have liked (Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Blue, Pepsi Gold) and some I have not liked so much (Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Holiday Spice, Diet Pepsi Jazz Berries and Cream). Beyond Pepsi, I like to try all kinds of interesting sodas (dnL, Mountain Dew Livewire, Mountain Dew Pitch Black) just to see what I will think of them. Anyway, so I of course had to try out Pepsi Summer Mix.

I wasn’t impressed. It is supposed to be tropical fruit flavored, and that is an accurate description. Basically, it kind of tastes like someone added some random pineapple-orange juice cocktail to my Pepsi. The worst part is that it is so overpowering that you can’t really taste the cola flavor anymore which is a definite loss.

Basically, if you like really fruity flavored things, it might be worth a try, but otherwise stay away. On the flipside, I think I have a contribution for Steve’s going away party tomorrow…