D’s Restaurant (a.k.a. D’s Wings)

I thought I would make a brief post about going to D’s Wings (I thought it was called that, but I think it is really called D’s Restaurant now) this weekend. We went for Christine’s birthday on Saturday night. For some reason, she did not want to meet until 8PM, and by the time we sat around waiting for others to arrive, it was about 8:45 before we even ordered. Thankfully, I had pre-eaten enough that I wasn’t really hungry. Lori had eaten a little bit before coming, but not as much so she was definitely ready to eat.

Anyway, I ended up just getting a 6 piece wing with fries and then split the cost with Adena who only wanted fries (I only wanted wings, but not 10+ which is the smallest “just wings” order on the menu). I went with the medium wings because I didn’t know how spicy their selection ran, and, as many of you know, I like spice, but too much just isn’t worth it for me.

Anyway, they were quite excellent. The ranch dressing and celery were a great compliment for the warm wing’s (they were not very spicy) excellent flavor. They only had raw fries which are basically what I have always called “homefries”, thin slices of potato instead of wedge shaped. Anyway, I sampled one and I thought they were really good. They were nice and crisp which I think is normally a problem when you get them this way. The mix between the (forgive my lack of knowing terminology) two boned wing parts and one boned wing parts was a pretty even split though I think I had more of the slightly less desirable two boned parts (though I have a nice trick for getting the bones out of these that almost makes up for it). One other thing I liked is that I did not feel the wings were too wet. I know some people like their wings drenched in sauce, but I only like a light covering and often will pat my wings dry if they are too wet. I did not feel the need to do that with these. Speaking of sauce, while I ended up giving my original plate to Adena because the fries would have been harder to move than the wings, it seemed to me (I wasn’t paying close attention) that there was a lot of sauce in the bottom of the plate getting on the bottom fries and making them soggy. It may be worth asking to have the wings and fries on seperate plates if this is not desired (and it isn’t for me). Finally, I ended up finding out that they gave me 7 wings instead of 6. I don’t know if this is a standard bonus to increase the perception of value or an honest mistake, but I was happy for it, especially since I ended up trading one wing to Karen for a fried mushroom (definitely worth it because I really can’t eat enough fried mushrooms to justify getting an appetizer of them, and no one I know in Columbia eats mushrooms).

Best of all, Lori found some things on the menu that she can eat. They have a small pasta fare, but she ended up going with the grilled cheese. She said it was pretty good, but apparently they advertised Texas toast but she did not feel that it was real Texas toast or even thicker than a normal sliced bread for that matter. I think she also said there was a little bit too much cheese on it and that it was a bit greasy, but you’d have to ask her to verify those claims. Maybe the pasta will be better.

Anyway, I would definitely go back again. I need to find some other wing lovers out there who would split a larger platter to save money. If you can mix and match flavors I might be willing to branch out, but 99% of the time I prefer my wings with normal sauce rather than Teriyaki, Honey Mustard, etc.