Trashing a Black List

I finally figured out how to easily get around a black list without triggering proxy detection, but it is pretty crappy and would only work for one-page sites.

If you save this as foo.php, then you simply have to navigate to foo.php on your server and you will be able to access the page in question. The downside is that the style sheets and images will not load. The use case I had in mind for this was to access Joe’s blog from behind a blacklist that was blocking all of blogspot. I noticed after coming up with this hack that they removed that restriction. It is still worth sharing, I guess.

An improvement would be to get the site, grab any stylesheets and add them as in-line, then return it.

Hilariously, Facebook returned the following message when I did this:

You are using an incompatible web browser.

Sorry, we’re not cool enough to support your browser. Please keep it real with one of the following browsers:

* Firefox
* Opera

The message is pretty funny, the lack of mentioning IE is even better.