Sodas I Have Tried

You know, I got to thinking after my post earlier. I should probably chronicle all the sodas I recollect having had in the past. I can then consult and update his list in the future. I am sure this will be incomplete. I will probably not mention offbrands unless they are notable.

Pepsi One
Pepsi Blue
Pepsi Holiday Spice
Pepsi Summer Mix
Pepsi Gold
Diet Pepsi?
Diet Pepsi Jazz Berries & Creme
Crystal Pepsi
Caffeine Free Pepsi
Pepsi Twist
Coke made with Sugar Cane instead of Corn Syrup
Vanilla Coke?
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Plus (extra vitamins and minerals, same bad taste!)
Caffeine-Free Diet Coke (yuck)
Cherry Coke
Spin (Bi-Lo Off-brand Cola)
Whatever the other Bi-Lo Off-brand Cola is.
RC Cola
Crush Orange Soda
Fanta Orange Soda
Sunkist Orange Soda
Welsh’s Grape Soda
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Pitch Black (wonderful by the way)
Mountain Dew Code Red
Mountain Dew Livewire
Mello Yello
Sprite Remix
Sierra Mist
Splash-It-Up (Maybe the wrong name, but this atrocious Bi-Lo offbrand Sprite clone)
Bi-Lo Cola (The old crappy offbrand)
Sun Drop (EVERYONE is North Carolina drinks this)
Dr Pepper
Mr. Pibb
Kroger Peach Soda (actually not too bad)
Cherry Soda (offbrand, not sure which)
Ginger Ale (Canada Dry?)
Erick’s Homemade Ginger Ale (hella nasty, sorry dude)
Erick’s Homemade Root Beer (not so bad, except I don’t like Root Beer)
Barqs Root Beer (I think Barqs at least)
Big Red

That is the list as of 5/17/07, at least all that I can think of. I will add more above as I think of them.

As most of you know, I am primarily a Cola drinker with Pepsi being my #1 favorite. I would probably say that my second favorite type of soft drink is orange sodas (not really brand conscious with these) followed by clear lemon/lime sodas followed by greenish lemon/lime sodas. The sodas that I miss most that are not made anymore are Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Blue, and Mountain Dew Pitch Black. Currently, I am actively trying to find Mountain Dew Livewire which is supposedly bottled in Columbia now… I must also say that I really like Mountain Dew Code Red and Vault. I would probably position these around my affinity for orange sodas.

Update 5/23/07
Coke Zero – Better than Pepsi One.

Update 6/23/07
Sprite Zero (6/20), Diet 7-Up (6/21), Sierra Mist Free (6/22). Out of the three I think I liked Sprite Zero Best.

Update 8/21/07
Mountain Dew Game Fuel (8/14), Squirt (8/19)