Search Terms Redux

I probably won’t do this often since the list is going to start getting prohibitively long, and when I do I will probably start only picking up new ones, but here is the exhaustive list of things people have searched for and found my blog. All of them were only used once except weird currency (3), facebook you are using an incompatible web browser (2), and flm3732 color and contrast setting (0???). I don’t have time to analyze them now, but I may edit this post and add some comments to my favorites later.

1. weird currency
2. facebook you are using an incompatible web browser
3. “bi-lo cola” background
4. “bring it on” movie
5. “donkey kong country 3″ hacking guide
6. “error loading os” cmos battery
7. “how to use earbuds”
8. “please keep it real with one of the following browsers”
9. “seinfeld” and “meta”
10. “sleep paralysis” “locked in state” or “locked in syndrome”
11. apple ipod rma
12. bash scripts
13. bi-lo cola
14. bilo soda
15. can i change the inscription on my ipod
16. can the credit card co. take my personal possesions
17. citrusy sodas
18. facebook
19. facebook “not cool enough to support your browser.”
20. fanta orange soda caffeine free?
21. game fuel caned soda
22. getting a knot out of a necklace chain
23. getting knots out of necklaces
24. guessing soda
25. how much sugar is in mountain dew pitch black
26. how to setup color on flm3732
27. info on homemade ginger ale on sept 17 2007
28. ipod inscription
29. ipod inscriptions rid of it
30. mello yello & vault soda
31. mountain dew game fuel myspace layouts
32. myspace mountain dew livewire picture
33. myspace spam friend requests nude modeling
34. ntsc resolution hacks
35. pibb zero
36. polaroid flm3732 hacks
37. reallifecomics macbook
38. reallifecomics sucks
39. reversing pal speedup
40. snūznlūz firmware
41. soda not made anymore
42. sorry, we’re not cool enough to support your browser. please keep it real with one of the following browsers:
43. squirt pepsi one
44. starbursts in microwave
45. the difference; spite and diet sprite
46. untangling a necklace knot
47. virtualdub “play wii”
48. what is the color settig for flm-3732
49. when was mountain dew live wire made
50. which has more gas coke,mountain dew,sprite
51. who has color setting for flm3732
52. flm3732 color and contrast setting