Search Term Notes

Alright, I wanted to make a few quick notes about the search terms I posted previously.

Bi-Lo Cola – I had like 3 searches about this, the most of any sort of soda. Why are people so interested in it?
“donkey kong country 3” hacking guide – Old school?
“how to use earbuds” – You stick them in your ear. It really isn’t that hard dude.
“seinfeld” and “meta” – I’m very curious what this person was looking for.
iPod inscriptions – I am surprised there are so many people who want to change or remove their iPod inscriptions. As far as I know, you can’t do it easily normally. That said, on some iPods, the inscription is printed on rather than engraved into it so you PROBABLY could sand it off and repaint your iPod if you were desperate. I, for one, never want my inscription removed.
can the credit card co. take my personal possesions – I feel bad for this person. The answer is probably not. Even if you declare bankruptcy, you can keep your personal property for the most part unless you are rich or something.
getting knots out of neclaces – I hope my post helped!
mountain dew game fuel myspace layouts – There is one related one about Livewire too. Why would anyone want their myspace to advertise a drink? Jeez.
starbursts in microwave – I am tempted to add this one to the random title generator.
which has more gas coke,mountain dew,sprite – Anyone know?
several searches about color settings and hacks for the FLM3732 (my HDTV model) – The default color scheme on this TV really *does* suck. Maybe I can post some tips about settings that work well for us