How to Make Lifelong Friendships While in College

They say college makes for the perfect microcosm of our adult lives because it reflects so much of the challenges that we are all going to encounter later on, but this time at a muted, toned down, much smaller scale. In short, it is this perfect conglomeration of circumstances that forces us to bond with other people who eventually become dear friends, and are most likely the same people we run to when we find ourselves in trouble years down the road. Whether you are taking Masters Degree in Nursing or an undergraduate in engineering, there is no mistaking the opportunity that college brings in terms of making lifelong friendships in college.

To that end, here are some of the best ways to make lifelong friendships while in college and foster that sense of belongingness and partnership that is very important for relationships that last a lifetime.

1. Participate in campus affairs by religious organizations. If you have a keen interest in religion or you are interested in pursuing your religious beliefs while in college, campus missions are some of the best ways to work with people that share the same beliefs. For example, you can meet on a regular basis, discuss the foundation of your beliefs with small-group gatherings, and minister to one another by counseling a friend in need. These are activities that are proven to create lasting relationships because you always remember the people who took the time to help you up when you were down.
2. Joining academic organizations. The stimulus of learning together is a powerful and effective way to bond and this is all the more useful if you are dealing with people with the same interests. You can do things together like get an online project management degree for side learning, visit project at a local community for a reach-out volunteerism event; anything that draws you passionately together because of shared interests can be instrumental for long-lasting relationships.
3. Sharing a dormitory. Of course, this is not a de facto surefire way to make lifelong friendships as there are plenty of people who fight each other when left in the same living space. Not coincidentally, the best relationships are also forged in the dormitory. People who get to do a lot of things most of time bond over the simplest and silliest things like a Mozilla Firefox free download or engineering a commenters site on the web. It is hard to separate people who have spent 4 or 5 years together in college, even when they end up working in different parts of the country later on.

Make no mistake about it, whether one ends up in a Scottsdale Hyundai outlet or a big job on Wall Street, the best college relationships in college will last a lifetime. And the best part is that it is certainly more than an honor to have friends that you can bond with from many years back. That’s the ultimate gift that you can ever take away from being in college – aside from completing a degree – and it is something that is empowering when you have it for a lifetime.

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