Co-Curricular Activities in College

Getting through major subjects in college is indeed a very challenging feat. It even becomes harder as the years pass, and even toughest if one has to get through boring lectures with a professor that speaks in a monotonous tone. Some college students may drop out of school for reasons that parents and teachers could not comprehend. However, some of these may be due to burnout and lack of recreation. It is for this reason that co-curricular activities have been created in several colleges. These activities were organized for several reasons. A couple of these reasons may be to provide a different setting where students could get a breather from their mind-boggling subjects and to reinforce lessons that are too hard to grasp in a classroom setting.

Some school organizations and clubs are usually formed in order to allow students to release their creative side. The arts club, for example, may bring out the artistic side of someone by creating things out of computer applications or specific media materials. One could create a dreamweaver template or a vintage design by utilizing the latest technologies. Others, however, may do it hands-on and may express themselves on a blank canvas. Organizations that harness this side of the members usually help students in discovering more about themselves and in releasing the tension that comes with the rigid subjects.

Another co-curricular activity may involve writing and researching. These activities are usually done to augment and help students in dealing with discovering and exploring things and putting them into writing. In particular, subjects and topics may range from discussing trust deed issues, identifying dog coats or perhaps discovering languages. Since some topics are too boring to write about, the facilitators may make up an activity that would lure the students’ interests. In clubs that deal with learning languages, an assignment could be made on how to construct an Italian phrase that contains the word affitti. As the members learn more through repetition, they become accustomed to these things and it becomes a part of their thinking process.

Some co-curricular activities aim to teach students through hands-on experience. Field trips and adventurous travels may be done by the facilitating team. Through this activity, students usually learn more and if they keep exploring, they may even become real life discoverers of uncovered artifacts or relics.

One great way of de-stressing one’s self after class is through music. No wonder, glee clubs are one of the most prestigious and well-known clubs in universities and colleges. Music has influenced the world in great and majestic ways. It allows people to express themselves artistically. In the same manner, it influences people to feel and think purposefully. Some compositions of musicians even bring people to tears without knowing the reason why. Melodies and harmonies usually bring people together in an orchestra of musical experience. Being a member of the music club or glee club has its perks that last for a lifetime.

Aside from the mentioned organizations and clubs, co-curricular activities actually have several advantages. It spices up college life and allows students to take a break from thick books and lengthy lectures.

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